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$130.00 + GST

Individual Yoga Therapy

Our signature class. Spend an hour in total bliss. General Yoga is suitable for those with limited to lots of yoga experience. Immerse yourself in yoga philosophy, yoga postures, relaxation, breathwork and meditation. This class is sprinkled with nutritional advice and changes with the seasons. Learn strategies along the way to create an individualised class for you within the group context. You will leave feel restored and revitalised.

Your practioner will guide you through an indepth assessment to discover your natural constitution (Blueprint). Further analysis will reveal your current state of balance with a yoga specific treatment plan provided to help restore your natural state. Treatment plans may include recommendations for types of yoga, types of postures, breathing practices and meditation practices to help restore your natural state of balance. 



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Intital Yoga Therapy Consultation is billed at $130 and includes a Complete Diagnostic, Eating and Lifestyle Plan and personalised Yoga Plan

Ongoing Consultations are billed at $60 per hour


Had a great Ayurvedic yoga session this morning. Very encouraging and therapeutic, thanks Sarah. - Keran

Private Yoga Classes include your choice of;


Aerial Yoga

General Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Ayurveda Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga


All classes are billed at $60 pp for an hour class.