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Online Yoga & Healing Summit


A Summit showcasing some of Australia's most experienced and knowledgable Healers in Yoga & related Therapies. 

Each Presenter has expert knowledge in a specific field. These Practitioners share their wisdom to help provide insight and strategies into Healing based on Yoga & related Therapies.

An online event for people of all stages of wellness. 

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  • Who Is the Conference For
  • What You Will Learn
  • Meet the Practitioners
  • General Public looking for new ways in Healing
  • Yoga Students and Teachers 

  • Allied Health Practitioners

  • Parents, Teachers and Educators

  • People looking for accessible Yoga Teachers in their area

  • Those open to finding hope and wisdom for wellbeing

  • Practical Strategies to help a range of diseases including; Trauma, Diabetes, Mental Health & Pain.
  • Knowledge of Long term illnesses and wisdom of healing
  • Healing yourself from trauma stored in the body 
  • Practical methods to prevent and relieve chronic pain 
  • Methods to help shift unhelpful physical and psychological patterns 
  • How to understand the methods of  yoga practice
  • Importance of meditation
  • Yoga, Healing & Benefits
  • Ayurveda Beauty for Healing
  • Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Aromatherapy for Healing


Learn from some of Australia's most Influential and Experienced Health Care Practitioners


Sarah Vanis

Sarah is a qualified Chef, Yoga Teacher, Teacher, Counsellor and Ayurveda Practioner. Sarah brings over 20 years experience in food  health and education to help others restore health naturally teaching regular yoga classes, providing lectures in ayurveda and personal consultations in yoga and ayurveda therapy. Sarah is the course owner of the Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching and Principal of Aligning Health’s nationally accredited Ayurveda qualifications. Sarah is also owner of the Aligning Health Wellness Retreat offering bed and breakfast and traditional healing programs and is author of Food Hurts –recovering from Eating Disorders.

Connect with Sarah at



Giuliana Ryan

Giuliana Ryan brings over 22 years of qualified experience and knowledge working with people on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Utilising a range of tools, techniques and wellness products to assist a persons wellbeing and for them to reach their highest potential. Giuliana recently completed qualifications in hypnosis, NLP, EFT. She has owned and managed a successful retail and wellness clinic for 17 years. Giuliana also conducts Reiki Workshops and Crystal healing workshops.


Yasmin Sadikot

Yasmin Sadikot is the Founder of OmVeda International Pty Ltd and the pioneer in traditional Ayurvedic Beauty treatments and home care products in Australia.

A qualified homeopath, Yasmin has studied Ayurvedic herbology and treatments over the last 25 years, working with world-leading Ayurvedic cosmeticians and doctors.  

OmVeda was created in 1997. Yasmin's wisdoms and teachings have placed her in the unique position of creating a platform for education and training in Australia.

OmVeda is an authentic Ayurvedic concept of wellness, beauty and health, addressing the inner workings and balance through the skin.   Sadikot’s   phrase "if you cannot eat it, do not put on your skin" was the launching pad for OmVeda, giving therapists and consumers alike an understanding that it is purely herbal and that the herbs used in the products have the same efficacy as that prescribed internally.

Visit www.omveda.com.au or call 1 300 662 383.


Belinda O'Dea

Belinda O'Dea is an international Yoga/Meditation Teacher & Women's Circle Facilitator. She hosts Women's only Transformational Yoga Tours & Wellness Retreats annually in North India, South India & Japan. 

Her online offerings include 1:1 Mentoring, Home Study Courses, Mantra Meditation Class & Goddess Circle. 

Website - https://belindaodea.com/


Prof Marc Cohen

Professor Marc Cohen (aka Dr Marc) is a pioneer of wellness and integrative medicine. He is a medical doctor with PhDs in Chinese Medicine and biomedical engineering and an academic professor who has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

His research interests include all aspects of wellness including health retreats, detoxification, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, athletic performance, bathing, saunas, hot springs and flow states. 

Marc is a Board Member of the Global Wellness Summit, Co-founder of the Bathe the World Foundation and Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute. You can find him at: www.drmarc.co  and www.extremewellness.co 


Rachel Zinman

Rachel Zinman has been practising since 1983, teaching since 1992 and teaching teachers since 2000. She’s studied with some of the most influential teachers in the west including Alan Finger and Mark Whitwell as well as immersing herself in the study of Vedanta. 
She is the Author of Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda. She writes for many online and in print magazines including Australian Yoga Journal and Australian Yoga Life. www.rachelzinmanyoga.com and www.yogfordiabetesblog.com
Sarasvati Dawson

Sarasvati Sally Dawson has been practicing Yoga since 1996 and teaching Yoga and Meditation since she founded Waverley Yoga Studio in 2002.
She trained and worked a Medical Scientist for 20 years, earned a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and trained as Yoga teacher with the Australian College of Classical Yoga (ACCY) in 2001. She is a Senior Member of Yoga Australia, and member of Meditation Australia and teaches
on the ACCY Yoga and Meditation teacher-training programs. Sarasvati's experience as a yoga teacher and understanding of anatomy and physiology means that she is well able to tailor a yoga practice to suit individual needs. She has taught Yoga and Meditation in various settings, including the corporate sector and on many Yoga retreats.
Sarasvati has developed a number of post-graduate workshops for Yoga teachers, and also teaches a variety of workshops for ongoing students of Yoga and Meditation.
Sarasvati also has a ‘Shavasana Deep Relaxation and Meditation’ CD/mp3, her book ‘Yoga off the mat, freedom in everyday life’ and pack of 52 Contemplation cards to inspire your practice, all available from the
website store.

Connect with Sarasvati - https://www.sarasvatisallydawson.com.au/


Simon Borg- Olivier

Simon is the co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over 33 years experience teaching yoga, inspiring people all around the world. Simon’s passion for yoga has led to the creation of Yoga Synergy daily yoga classes, workshops, teacher training courses and international events.

Simon says 'In 1980, in full embrace of the aerobics movement, I developed shin splints. A girl who was doing aerobics with me showed me a yoga ‘stretch’ (Virasana) which greatly helped, and I thought I’d tag along to a yoga teacher-training course she was doing. At the end of that training course with Eve Grzybowski, I was asked to teach, and so began my life as a yoga teacher.

Over the years, I have studied with B.K.S Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois and T.K.V Desikachar. I met my main teacher, Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete), in 1985 and had the privilege of studying intensively with him for almost two decades. The journey of yoga is ever evolving and, since 2007, I’ve continued my training with Master Zhen Hua Yang, who teaches what his family learned in Tibet and at the Shaolin and WuDang temples in China”.

Connect with Simon - https://yogasynergy.com/



Ambika Chadwick

We are a yoga and meditation education tribe spreading the word of wellness throughout Australia and the globe :)
We offer courses in:
- Yoga Teacher Training
- Post Grad Yoga Teacher Training
- Meditation
- Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
- Yoga Philosophy
- Yoga History
- Sequencing
- Yoga Anatomy
We also offer Yoga classes in the workplace and Yoga events.  

Connect with Ambika-  https://www.facebook.com/TheYogaSocial/



Dr Prathibha Madhusudhan-

Dr Prathibha is a trained and experienced Doctor is Ayurveda Medicine. She comes from a line of 8 generations of Ayurveda Doctors in her family. She completed her Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery at Kottakkal College, Kerala and Post Graduation in Ophthalmology and ENT from Govt Ayurveda Medical College, Bangalore. She is one of the founding members of Sree Chithra Ayurhome, Kerala, India. Dr Prathibha has over 26 years of clinical practice and is a accomplished teacher in demand in India, Europe and Australia presenting topics on lifestyle related disorders, Ayurveda nutrition and cooking workshops. Dr Prathibha is currently working in clinic at Guruvayur Devasom Charitable Hospital and manages Sree Chithra Ayurhome with her Ayurveda qualified husband, Dr Madhusudhanan. Dr Prathibha is delighted to bring Ayurveda into the Western Context

Connect with Dr Prathibha- 



Janyaya Lee Vincent - 

I first experienced yogic meditation styles when I was in high school and attended a drama workshop with a teacher who was also a yogi. My second introduction was also through drama classes where we were taught to use yogic meditation techniques to find a path away from one's ego.

Since that time I have learnt how these practices are some of the most effective methods to not only deal with many difficulties we all experience, but also to find oneself amidst myriad influences that don't always serve us well. Now I enjoy sharing these techniques with others so they can discover the incredible benefits and take steps towards a more calm and genuine experience of life


Monique Beaver- 

Originally trained as a Psychologist, Monique always felt there was something missing in therapy when sitting talking to people. Hence, her training led me to more body-oriented and movement practices, including Somatic-based therapies, Emotional-Release practices and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. In 2018, after completing her Yoga Teacher training with Embodied Flow, she created her business, Mindfully Curious to encompass a holistic approach to therapy and healing. Monique offers both individual psychological sessions as well as group and individual Trauma Sensitive Yoga sessions with a particular focus on embodiment practices, shadow work and moving from surviving to thriving within your own body.

Monique's mission is to help others understand and remember their true, authentic selves as it is only through our conditioning and experiences that this has become in shadow. Monique states that it is always such a humbling and heart-opening experience when she can co-create with a fellow human being to find what works for them. That is, to help one find their own internal resources, to heal from within and come home to their body. 

Connect with Monique- 


Alicia Crawford- Bell

Alicia is an activist, and social change maker, a yoga teacher, a holistic health coach, a student of ayurveda and a mama to two beautiful souls. 

She is passionate about supporting others to transform their lives so they can live out their true potential and in so doing, positively impact the lives of those around them.

As the founder of Liminal Life, Alicia weaves together over 15 years of experience in designing and facilitating personal and leadership development programs with holistic health and wellbeing practices such as yoga, mindfulness and traditional Ayurvedic therapies to help those working within the community and social sector to integrate self care and deep personal growth into their life and work. 

She has worked with some of Australia's leading social change organisations and is deeply committed to social and environmental justice and holding space for personal and collective healing, reflection, regeneration and transformation.

Connect with Alicia-



Ahimsa (Helen) Cushing 

Ahimsa (Helen Cushing) is the founder of South Hobart Yoga & Meditation and Life Beyond Trauma. Since 2004 Ahimsa has taught yoga to war veterans, refugees and others with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. Ahimsa has instructed on yogic studies and yoga teacher training courses in Australia and India. Internationally she's taught a variety of programs in India, Singapore, UK, Europe, Serbia and Colombia. 

Ahimsa is the author of Yoga Day by Day: A Guide to Holistic Practices for Healthy Living and Hope: How Yoga Heals the Scars of Trauma. Her award-winning documentary, Heroes of Peace, tells the remarkable story of her war veterans yoga group in Hobart.

Connect with Ahimsa -  www.lifebeyondtrauma.com  www.shyam.net.au 


Erica Webb- 

Erica Webb is a Yoga, Mat Pilates and Somatic Exercise Coach based in Melbourne, Australia.
She believes that movement should be an exploration of possibility. An opportunity to be in deep connection and conversation with ourselves. A chance to see ourselves through compassionate eyes that are brimming with curiosity and kindness. Movement is powerful. Mindful movement infused with kindness is more powerful still.

Erica’s style of teaching is deeply informed by anatomy, physiology and psychology. It is an invitation to move beyond our movement and thought habits to find greater ease and more self-awareness.

Connect with Erica-  www.ericawebbyoga.com.au