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Warm Oil Massage

$90.00 + GST

Experience the difference of personalised, herbalised oils on the body. Experience the effect of warmed oils on the skin. Experience the peace of mind as the strokes and pressures are aligned with your personal needs.

Our oils are made in India following proper guidelines. Did you know it takes 28 days to make.
Oils are specially selected and treat a variety of issues such as inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, low circulation. 
The Ayurveda Massage is unlike any other massage you have ever experienced.
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  • Testimonals

If you need a moment to feel totally blissed-out, I recommend getting a massage from Sarah - just fabulous! - Nicole


A good friend of mine recently asked me why I wasn't having regular massages. I replied that I couldn't afford the time and the money but that I may get around to it one day. I am in my mid 50s and she asked me how long I planned to work for. I replied another ten years. She then suggested that if that was so, I really couldn't afford NOT to have massages. Sarah had been suggested by my yoga teacher. It was time. 
Once I had my first warm oil massage in the midst of winter, I was sold: Sarah's compassion, kindness, knowledge, wisdom and professionalism combined to provide me with the opportunity to stop, to be nurtured and to allow the Ayurvedic healing to take place. 
Sarah's massages are now going to form an integral part of my life plan. And it's only just the beginning.....  - Fiona