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Saffron Facial Oil


Safroil restores the natural glow and moisture of the facial skin. It helps to protect face from pimples and black heads. It removes the wrinkles, scars and gives a glowing beauty and freshness to the face. Removes facial tension. Helps to lighten pigmentation. Mesua ferrea, also known as Nagkesar or Indian Rose Chestnut. The parts of the plant used are root, bark, leaves, seeds, flowers and wood. The fresh flowers are helpful in reducing itchiness caused by skin irritations. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to reduce pigmentation. You can find Indian Rose Chestnut in our Eladi and Saffron Oils.

Method of use
Take a little saffron oil and rub gently into your fingers. Massage face and neck with oil. It can be used on its own day or night. If your skin is very dry apply more oil and massage on face and neck.
You can also use Saffron oil to enrich your moisturiser or night cream. Apply your cream and use a little Saffron oil to massage the cream onto your face and neck.

Saffron oil is rich in turmeric and antioxidant and Rich in Vit C. It also rich in saffron which helps to lighten and brighten the skin, reduces pigmentation, purifies the skin and enhances blood circulation.

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