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Dorm Room


Enjoy clean, affordable and quiet accommodation at Aligning Health Retreat.

Dorm accommodation includes access to all the facilities on the property including outdoor spa and shared kitchen space



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Accommodation includes 1 x single bed in a 6 bed dorm. 

Access to;

Shared kitchen space

Outdoor spa

Shared Lounge space

Shared bathroom including shower and toilet, 

Toilet paper

Linen, towels and pillows

Bathers and an extra towel

Old clothes for treatments


Aligning Health believe in helping people be well, naturally. 

We understand this may come at a cost. 

To help access Ayurveda Treatments, Aligning Health are providing basic accommodation for guests.

This means it is now possible to experience treatments without having the additional high cost expenses of accommodation. 

We know Ayurveda therapies work better with regular treatments. The results are so much deeper and more therapeutic. 

The costs of health care should also be available to everyone. This is our way of helping people have access to health care. 

Book a bed and enjoy treatments. 

Have meals prepared for you or cook your own. 

We are here to help you on the path to health and wellness.