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Cloves have a powerful antiseptic quality and have a freshening effect. Cloves are a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and their benefits extend to the skin, making them perfect to address and help clear pimples, acne and blemishes. And, did you know that Cloves contain an anaesthetic called Eugenol which is why they are often used to numb toothache pain and relieve a sore throat. Cloves are a key ingredient in our Cream Soap and Clove Acne Mask. They help to heal rashy conditions and soothe the skin. Almond oil nourishes the skin, sandalwood powder has strong antiseptic and germicidal properties therefore heals and protects the skin. Removes dirt, oil and impurities, yet it does not make the skin dry.

Method of Use
If using make-up thoroughly remove with Sandalwood Cleanser and Rose Toner. Then wet face with warm water. Gently massage OmVeda Cream Soap over face and neck. Avoid eyes. Leave for 2 minutes to enhance the antibacterial action. Rinse with cool water and follow with Pigmentation & Blemish Lotion – dab on affected areas with a cotton round

Anti-bacterial and germicidal. Cleanse and balances oily and acneic skin.

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