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Cooking Workshop - 10th December


Join Sarah in a Cooking Workshop that will show you techniques on how to reset your digestion to properly metabolise your food.

You will receive all recipes and join in a fun and interactive evening of food, knowledge and friendship.

Bookings to info@aligninghealth.com.au
Investment is $55 all inclusive.

About Sarah -
As a teenager into her late 20s Sarah suffered with chronic illhealth. She had frequent hospitalisation admissions and was under supervision of the health care system. Her journey into wellness began when she realised she had the power to health within herself. This journey changed her life as she began to learn about how her actions led to good health or illhealth. Slowly she learned to listen and reconnect to her inner intelligence.
Today Sarah uses the modalities of Yoga and Ayurveda to keep healthy. Her mission is to share this information with others.

Workshop will require minimum number of participants to run.

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