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Ayurveda Consultation

$250.00 + GST

You have within you the power to heal. 

My job as an Ayurveda Practioner is to help you tap into this potential and help you learn about yourself. 

Together we will spend time to discover your natural constitution and your current state of balance. When this balance goes out we become unwell. 

You will not be alone in your journey. We meet another two times to revisit how you are going so you really can feel supported and empowered to make the changes you need. 

Because you are worth it.  

Together we will discuss an in depth assessment to discover your natural constitution (Blueprint).

Further analysis will reveal your current state of balance with a treatment plan provided to help restore your natural state.

Treatment plans may include dietary advice, yoga therapies, life coaching, counseling, physical and body therapies and herbal prescriptions. ‚Äč

(Note- herbal preparations are not included in the price and are subject to practitioners recommendations)




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Ayurveda is all about you. 

Ayurveda treats the body and mind as a whole system. 

The concept of Ayurveda begins with digestion. When the body cannot digest food or thoughts in the mind it can cause toxins. 

Ayurveda teaches how to properly digest your food and experiences so you can be the healthiest you can be. 

Ayurveda has been known to treat so many illnesses from Mental Health to Physical Diseases. 

Talk to us at Aligning Health about how we can individually offer you support. 


Each session will last 60 minutes. 

Sessions are paid upfront. No refunds available. 

Aligning Health is NDIS registered. To make claims please talk to us first. 

1) Discover your natural constitution (Blueprint) and find
your current state of balance.
2) Review your personalised treatment plan.
3) Make final adjustments to your treatment plan.