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Autism Rewrote My Family

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Growing up, Sarah was bright, sociable and intelligent. This was a time when only males were diagnosed with autism. No one would have suspected Sarah was also autistic: "It's just developmental," they said. "It's just her personality." Like a cassette tape stuck on repeat, these mantras were said over and over. It wasn't until mid-adulthood that Sarah's autism was finally recognised.

When Sarah was finally diagnosed with autism she realised that her three children, too, were all autistic.

Part Biography, part academic, Autism Rewrote My Family is a story of female Autism from both an autistic and carer persective. 

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Sarah's book is a much needed gift for our community who are only beginning to understand the impact of autism for the "missing generation" - those women who missed out on an early diagnosis and support because the female presentation was not well understood when they were children. Sarah writes with true insight, passion and intelligence. Late-diagnosed autistic mothers globally will resonate and rejoice in Sarah's story as many elements will mirror their own experiences. Family members and professionals will greatly increase their insight into the female presentation of autism and how autism plays out in families by reading the book. 

Dr Michelle S Garnett - Clinical Psychologist and Autism Consultant MPsych(Clin) PhD MAPS FCCP