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Autism Retreats

$1290.90 + GST

Aligning Health work with care using Psychology, Yoga and Ayurveda.

From the peacefulness of Axedale we have created a wonderful retreat Centre where everyone is welcomed.

Helping you to be healthy, naturally using;

Lifestyle, Diet, Herbs, Body Therapies, Body Work, Facials and Yoga

Learn with Aligning Health to take control of your health, naturally.

Relax and revitalise on our 20 acre property overlooking the paddocks of Axedale.


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Aligning Health Resources for Autism onsite

  • Weighted blankets
  • Weighted pillow
  • Fidget toys
  • Quiet spaces
  • Outdoor Warm Spa
  • Private Rooms
  • Walking Trails
  • Easy drive into Bendigo
  • Easy drive into Axedale

Day 1-

2pm - Check in

(Private Room with Ensuite)

3pm- Pizichil. Warm oil Massage with minimal touch to relax the body and mind

6pm- Evening Meal cooked along Ayurvedic Principles. Warm, nourishing, vegetarian

8pm- Guided meditation. Bring your own supports or borrow our weighted blankets

9pm- Warm sweet spiced milk before bed.


Day 2-

7am- Breakfast

8am- Yin/Gentle Yoga

10am- Talk on Autism and mental wellbeing strategies

12.30pm- Lunch

3pm- Bolus Massage. Warm oil Massage with herbs. No physical touch

6pm- Evening Meal

8pm- Guided Breathing Meditation

9pm- Warm sweet spiced milk before bed.


Day 3-

7am- Breakfast

8am - Embodiment Yoga

10am- Talk on nutrition and wellbeing strategies

12.30pm- Lunch

3pm- Shirodhara Massage. Warm oil applied to the head for deep restorative relaxation. Minimal physical touch

6pm- Evening Meal

8pm- Guided Meditation

9pm- Warm sweet spiced milk before bed.


Day 4-

7am- Breakfast

8am - Ayurveda Yoga for Autism

10am- Check Out

Sarah Vanis

Grad Cert Psycholgy (Cairnmillar), Advanced Ayurveda Studies (internship) SreeChithra AyurHome Kerala, Advanced Dip Ayurveda (AIAS) , Dip Yoga Teacher (Classical Yoga), Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (OmVeda), BYW (ACU), Dip Ed (Murdoch), Cert III Hosp (Box Hill Tafe), Dip Yth Wrk, Welfare, CD (Swinburne), Level 2 First Aid (ABC), Swedish Massage Therapy (Body Sense), Aerial Yoga Teacher (Flynow)


I have Autism. As a very late diagnosed female with a misdiagnosis of BPD I had to learn quickly about ASD. This changed my lilfe.

I am not broken. Yes, I have issues as a consequence of a late diagnosis but with help I can manage this.

I may make mistakes but I will do my very best to help share what I have learned and create a safe space for healing. We are all worth it.

Rooms 1 & 2. $1480

Queen size rooms with private ensuites.


Rooms 3 and 5 $1550

King single beds with private ensuite


Room 4a and 4 b (2 people) $1420 pp

Double bunk lower, single bunk on top.

Interconnecting bathroom


Room 6 $1600

King bed with private ensuite

24 to 27th Sept 2021

8th to 11th Oct 2021

5th to 8th Nov 2021

3rd to 6th Dec 2021

7th to 10th Jan 2022

4th to 7th Feb 2022