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Clove Acne Pack

Specifically formulated for oily skin that is suffering from acne or prone to breakouts. It contains cloves and Withania that helps to heal and balance acne.


Anti-Wrinkle Mask

An excellent mask enriched with Honey and Sandalwood. It gives relief to tired and stressed skin, whilst minimising wrinkles. It makes the skin healthy and radiant.


Sandalwood Protective Base

A combination of sandalwood and seeds of the sacred lotus which has a cooling effect.


Cream Soap

Specially formulated with the goodness of clove, almond oil, white sandalwood powder, wintercherry and other herbs. It is designed for daily use as part of an overall beauty regime


Neem Facial Cleanser

A gentle yet very effective soap-free wash with the goodness of Neem to purify and improves skin prone to oiliness, pimples and acne.


Pigmentation and Blemish Lotion

An antiseptic lotion that removes dead epithelial cells. It is excellent for problem skin. Lightens pigmentation, scars and blemishes.


Saffron Facial Oil

Saffron is regarded as the ‘queen’ in beauty treatment.
Safroil restores the natural glow and moisture of the facial skin.


Honey & Sandalwood Moisturiser

Combining the rich nourishing and softening qualities of honey and the aroma and protective nature of sandalwood, this moisturiser is excellent for dry to normal skins.