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Tongue Scrapers

Aids Digestion

$12.00 + GST

Eat Taste Heal

Western Ayurveda Cookbook

$40.00 + GST

Pitta Spice Blend

Cool your body, cool your mind

$15.00 + GST

Vata Spice Blend

Balance your body, Balance your mind

$15.00 + GST

Kapha Spice Blend

Warm your body, warm your mind

$15.00 + GST

Day Spa Therapist Pack

A range of Products to specially selected to start you Day Spa Career

$630.00 + GST

Ayurveda Lifestyle Package

Begin your journey towards health and wellness with the Aligning Health Lifestyle Package

$285.00 + GST

Food Hurts Healing Anorexia Nervosa with Yoga & Ayurveda

"The earliest memory I have is my dad saying to me `Don't eat that. You are fat and no-one loves you when you are fat.' It made a huge impression on me."

This is a must-read for anyone struggling with their self-esteem, self-worth or body

$36.50 + GST