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Category : Ayurveda Body Therapies & Facials

Massage and Steam

Enjoy an Ayurveda Massage with Warm, Herbal Oils.
Experience the bliss of steam after your massage

$105.00 + GST

30 Minute Facial

Treat yourself!
Enjoy a special OmVeda style facial with luxury products.

$70.00 + GST

Kati Basti

Localised Muscular Therapy

$85.00 + GST

Body Scrub

Luxuriating Body Scrub with warm oil massage

$95.00 + GST

Oil Bath Massage - Pizhichil Massage

The most prized therapy. Pure indulgence for the whole body.

$140.00 + GST

Marma Point Massage

Ayurvedic Massage mainly emphasise the 'Marma points'. 90 minute treatment.

$115.00 + GST

Thermal Herbal Face Mask

Signature experience
3 Mask Facial

$190.00 + GST


Heat Treatment with Medicated Oil for muscular pain

$120.00 + GST