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Category : Body Therapies

Warm Oil Massage Package

Package of 4 x Warm Oil Massages

$360.00 $280.00

Massage and Steam

Enjoy an Ayurveda Massage with Warm, Herbal Oils.
Experience the bliss of steam after your massage


40 Minute Facial

Treat yourself!
Enjoy a special OmVeda style facial with luxury products.


Kati Basti

Localised Muscular Therapy


Body Scrub

Luxuriating Body Scrub with warm oil massage


Oil Bath Massage - Pizhichil Massage

The most prized therapy. Pure indulgence for the whole body.


Marma Point Massage

Ayurvedic Massage mainly emphasise the 'Marma points'. 90 minute treatment.


Thermal Herbal Face Mask

Signature experience
3 Mask Facial