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Category : Ayurveda Body Therapies & Facials


Warm Oil Over the 3rd Eye

$110.00 + GST

Bolus Massage

Ease aches and pains with specifically selected herbs infused massaged with deep, warm movements.

$110.00 + GST

Warm Oil Massage

Enjoy the difference of personalised, herbalised oils on the body. Enjoy the affect of warmed oils on the skin. Enjoy the peace of mind as the strokes and pressures are aligned with your personal needs

$90.00 + GST

60 minute Facial

Be soothed with a cleansing and toning ritual to exfoliate the skin before 2 individually prescribed OmVeda face masks are applied to the skin.

$160.00 + GST

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the application of hot stones at the end of the massage to elevate the relaxation experience.

$85.00 + GST

Dry Powder Massage

The body is anointed in specially selected oils and then invigorated with stimulating powders rubbed vigorously into the skin.

$90.00 + GST

Shirodhara Package

Package of 4 Shirodhara Treatments.

$420.00 + GST

Warm Oil Massage Package

Package of 4 x Warm Oil Massages

$360.00 $288.00 + GST