Aligning Health Retreat & Day Spa

Aligning Health work with the modalities of Yoga and Ayurveda to bring you a Classical System of Health Care. Connect back with nature to experience profound wellness with herbal remedies, body therapies and Yoga. 

 From the peacefulness of Axedale we have created a Retreat Space to provide onsite accommodation. Stay for a weekend get away join in a weekly yoga class or experience an Ayurveda Massage. The choice is yours. 

All services are delivered with professionalism and the authenticity you would expect from practioners who strive to live what they teach. Contact us today to begin to bring more balance to your daily life.  


Health Care

Lifestyle, Diet, Herbs, Body Therapies, Body Work, Facials

Designed to provide you with optimal health care. 

Be healthy, naturally



Education is the key to empowerment. Learn with Aligning Health to take control of your health, naturally. A variety of self- help and vocational courses available for students of all levels



Enjoy a Bed and Breakfast Escape or book in for a tailored Health Retreat. Relax and revitalise on our 20 acre property overlooking the paddocks of Axedale. 


Our Specialties

10579NAT Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching 
Diploma of Ayurveda Day Spa Therapist

Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Studio
Ayurveda Consultations
Ayurveda Body Therapies
Ayurveda Day Spa
Aligning Health Retreat and Day Spa with boutique accommodation.