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10579NAT Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching

$2250 Scholarships Available.
A traditional approach to Yoga Teaching based on the practices and principles of Ayurveda.

$ 7250.00

AYTACP501A Teach the Integration of Ayurvedic Cooking Practice to Enhance Yoga Practice

Give yourself an edge in your Yoga Teaching.
Become a Nutritional Coach using Ayurveda Practices to help guide your students in understanding the relationship between their current diet and their practice of Yoga.

$ 1690.00

Introduction to Ayurveda Nutrition

Confused about what to eat?
Overwhelmed by too many conflicting messages?
Overweight, Underweight or just plain not healthy?
The solution is easy.

$ 95.00

Advanced Ayurveda Nutrition

Understand the healing power of food.

$ 345.00

Beating Depression. Understanding Mental Health

Feeling down, lost, misplaced?


Come on a journey of self-discovery

$ 65.00

It's All About You, Be Healthy, Naturally

Look Good, Feel Great- Everyday!
Enrol in a 6 Lesson Course to find that extra Vitality

$ 55.00

Diploma of Ayurveda Day Spa Therapist

Vocational Training in Ayurveda Day Spa Therapies

$ 1450.00

Ayurveda Facials

Master the art of the Ayurveda Facial

$ 599.00