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It's All About You, Be Healthy, Naturally


Look Good, Feel Great, Naturally
  • Feeling like there is more to life but just don't know where to find it?

    Stuck in a rut and life getting you down?

    Looking for that extra Zest to life?

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  • Benefit: Online training that you can study anywhere at any time
  •  Feature: Time tested ways to improve your health and wellbeing to keep you looking good and feeling great
  •  Strategies: Discover the best colours, selection of music, choice of purfumes that suit your individual body type
  •  Support: Developed by Industry Leaders in the area of Ayurveda Medicine with proven experience in helping others 
  •   Outcomes: Practical strategies you can use RIGHT NOW to begin to improve your life
  •  Pathways: Continue into the Aligning Health Courses and discover how to Healt Yourself, Naturally

 Outlay: An unbeatable cost of only $55 to help you on the path to good health

Learn about the 5 Elements of Ayurveda and how they form personality traits.

Discover the functions of the Doshas

Explore the importance of:

- daily routines,

- activities for daily living and;

- how to use daily routines to recover your health. 


Get in touch with yourself by learning;

- what colours suit you,

- selecting smells and;

- choice of music styles.



You will learn practical and easy to apply tips to keep healthy naturally. It's what you do and don’t do that affects your health.

Complete short quizzes to test your knowledge so you can confidently apply these teachings today.

This course is a non-diagnostic exploration of how to be healthy, naturally.