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Introduction to Ayurveda Nutrition


Enrol in an 8 Lesson Course that will introduce you to Ayurveda Nutrition. An individual approach to eating for your body type that will take all the confusion away. 

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  •  Benefit: Find your personal way to eating well for your body type. 
  •  Feature: Online training with never before seen material that will support you on your journey to health. 
  •  Support: Devloped by Industry Experts with links to credible sites for further study
  •  Outcomes: Less confusion and more certainty about the medicinal power of food for each individual type. 
  •  Pathways: Progress into Aligning Health Training Courses. 
  •  Financial Outlay: $95 with three months complete access to all training materials

Designed for people with an interest in health you will learn skills and knowledge to apply the basic concepts of Ayurveda and become aware of how to use nature and kitchen herbs and spices to achieve optimal health. 

This easy to follow course includes online classes, quizzes and additional resources you may access in your own time in the privacy of your own home. 

  1. History of Ayurveda,
  2. 5 Elements, the 3 Energies and the 10 Opposing Pairs
  3. Understand the process of digestion and develop tools to begin to self-diagnose your current state of digestion.
  4. Tastes- Learn about the 6 Tastes and how they can affect the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.
  5. Introducing Ayurveda to the Western World
  6. Learn how to begin to personalise your diet using the concepts and philosophies of Ayurvedic Nutrition.
  7. Kitchen Pharmacy - Be a Master of your own health.
  8. Sadhana of the Kitchen- The Practice of Cooking