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Certificate in Ayurveda Yoga Teaching


Begin your journey towards Yoga Teaching and specialise in Ayurveda with the Aligning Health's Signature Certificate in Yoga Teaching 200 hour Teaching Training Course. Become an industry recognised Yoga Teacher

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I'm not sure if I can do online study
Aligning Health recognise online study can be daunting for new students. To help our students we have developed a short course title Introduction to Ayurveda Nutrition. This is a self-paced 8 lesson course delivered online. Students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completition and the course fee of $95 will be deducted from the Certificate of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching course fees. 

What is the time commitment?
The course is self paced and delivered online. You will have the support of a Private Mentor specialising in both Ayurveda and Yoga. It is designed with flexibility in mind to help you work and study.  The training is comprehensive and taught in a way to help you progress through your studies building on your knowledge.

What are the assessments?
The Ayurveda Yoga Specialised Units have a combination of smaller assessment tasks such as quizzes, short question and answer and small group work. Each Ayurveda Yoga Specialised unit will conclude with a major assessment task.
There are no exams in this course

Who are my teachers?
Your teachers are experts in the fields of Ayurveda and Yoga. They have been carefully selected to provide you with the most up to date and comprehensive knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Will I be diagnosed throughout the course?
No. An Ayurvedic diagnosis is very thorough and specific. Whilst you may develop expertise in the art of Ayurvedic diagnosis to use as an Ayurveda Yoga Teacher you will not be formally assessed as part of this course. You are welcome to approach an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Ayurveda Practitioner of Ayurvedic Doctor should you wish for a formal diagnosis.

Will I be able to qualified In Ayurveda on graduation?
No. You will be qualified as an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher. You will be skilled in understanding how o develop Ayurveda Yoga Classes.

You will not be qualified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Ayurveda Practitioner of Ayurvedic Doctor. Therefore you will not be qualified to prescribe herbs or conduct body treatments.

Students may wish to enrol in the Diploma of Ayurveda Day Spa Therapist to obtain a qualification to provide Ayurveda Day Spa Therapies

What is included in my course fees?
Included in the course fee is all notes made available online and printable for hard copy, all materials for assessment and 6 months access to YogaBasics.

Are there additional charges?
Yes. You will be expected to study your First Aid Certificate separately from the College. The fee for this unit is not included in the course fees. 
Students are requested to contact Aligning Health for Payment Plan options and to obtain a Course Propsectus. 

Will I be eligible for insurance as an Ayurveda Yoga Teacher?
Yes. There are a number of Insurance options available upon graduation

How Do I Know This Course is a Quality Teaching Course?
The Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching has undergone two audits with Yoga Australia and The College of Health and Fitness (RTO30798). The teaching faculty, online classes,lessons and assessment tasks have been assessed as being of a high standard to deliver a comprehensive training qualification. Aligning Health are proud to bring to Australia a high level qualification on AyurvedaYoga Teaching delivered by expert teachers.

Is this course recognised?
Yes. This course is industry recognised. Students may apply for Provisional membership with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

Is there government support to study this course?
No. Students experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to contact the College on 0409000023 and speak to our Student Finance Officer to discuss further options.

Are there further study options for me when I graduate?
Yes. Students may choose to upgrade their 200 hour qualification to a 350 hour qualification by enrolling in the Advanced Certificate of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching.

Students may also choose direct entry into the Diploma of Ayurveda Yoga Teaching (10579NAT RTO30798) to study a nationally accredited qualification.

I have further questions. How can I contact?
Further information can be obtained from the course Principal Sarah. As course owner she will happily answer any questions you may have. She can be contacted on 0407 289 769 or emailinfo@aligninghealth.com.au .
What do I do now?
Contact Aligning Health on 0407289769 or email info@aligninghealth.com.au for a course prospectus and enrolment form. 

Ayurveda Yoga considers the body, senses, mind and soul are interconnected. When one part does not function to its optimal capacity imbalance is created which is the main cause of disease.

This definition of health is currently endorsed by the World Health Organisation who view health as the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of people and not merely the absence of disease.
Aligning Health works principally with the philosophy of Ayurveda Yoga. This science works on the understanding of elemental energies combining to form distinctive characteristics within each individual. When these become imbalanced, disease occurs. Ayurveda Yoga works to realign this imbalance at the root cause for proper health maintenance and disease prevention. 

Students will study online. 

The Certificate of Ayurveda Yoga is available worldwide offering flexibility for our students. 

Students may enrol at anytime

There is no time limit on completition. 

Students study self-paced modules with topics approved by Yoga Curriculum. 


An amazing place to stay to relax and regroup! The treatments are divine and the yoga practice so very beneficial. Thank you Sarah for sharing your stunning space and passion for Ayurveda. We will continue to study Yoga and Ayurveda